On Resolutions

Following Directions

Every January, I sit down and create a list of “resolutions”, or personal goals. They are set with the notion of improving myself in one way or another, and are often forgotten with the melting snow in spring. This year, I am setting my goals with intention and giving them a clear unit of measurement. Goals are only as good as the individual writing them, and how we write them says a lot about where we are going.

As a high school teacher, I am always encouraging my students to write and revise SMART goals, and to hold themselves accountable to those goals. When my students have a measurable goal that is meaningful to them, they see far greater success in their academics and personal lives. Where I get after them is on the specifics. How do you measure your progress? What time frame are you giving yourself? Is this a realistic goal? And, does this goal mean something to you?

However, when I sat down to write my own goals, I neglected to ask myself the same questions I probed my students with. In writing my goals this year, I had to be honest with myself and follow my own directions.

What do I want?

As a creative individual, I want to devote more time and space to create the things that give my soul life. When I create something I am proud of, it gives me the feeling of accomplishment and purpose. I want to feel that more often.

As a writer, I want to connect. I want to produce more and I want to share it with others who are in the same process of discovering and creating. I want to put myself out there more and take more chances. My pie in the sky wish is to find an agent who gets me, and to sell my books like it’s going out of style.

As a mom, I want to show my son that no dream is out of our reach. I want him to see that hard work and grit can take us to places we never knew were possible. I want him to find his own talents and to embrace those talents with fierce devotion. I want to be his role model.

To get what I want, I need to be smart, and I need to listen to that teacher inside of me. She’s right there with the writer, coaching her along.

My Resolutions

By December of 2019, I will:

1.) Generate 90 new picture book ideas.

2.) Write 12 new picture book drafts.

3.) Send 12 queries.

4.) Write 12 blog post that are meaningful to me.

5.) Write at least 30 minutes every morning (5:30AM-6:00AM).

Whew! Here’s to crushing our goals!